MONO is a digital ideas and innovation company for brands. We help progressive clients create beautiful and meaningful experiences for a connected world.


MONO is an agile full-service digital agency. Created by The One Centre, we unite visionary strategic thinking with multidisciplinary creativity and application-specific technology.

  • Strategy

    Best of all worlds thinking

    MONO marries a deep understanding of how brands can behave and express themselves online with the visionary strategic capabilities of The One Centre. This provides clients with both digitally-focused and strategically big-picture thinking on tap to help innovate and integrate brand and customer experiences for all worlds.

  • Artistry

    Beauty. Ingenuity. Craft. Passion.

    MONO provides progressive brands leading digital creativity. From big ideas to branding, MONO’s multidisciplinary design and creative capabilities are purposed to produce beautiful and meaningful experiences that connect culturally and deliver commercially.

    Working seamlessly across channels, platforms and devices, MONO ideas and execution are hallmarked by ingenuity and craft.

    Our passion for the intersection of artistry and technology brings brands to the forefront of digital ideas, aesthetics and interactivity in their markets, and reveals inspiring new ways to express and connect.

  • Technology

    Flexible, agile engineering

    MONO is technology agnostic. We are committed to using the right technology for the right application. To achieve this we have developed a global network of technology specialists. Working under our technical and creative direction, we can flexibly adapt, adopt or engineer bespoke solutions for each project. This includes working with our clients’ tech teams or partners.

    MONO’s flexible application-specific philosophy ensures our ideas are never limited by fixed resource, and our technology solutions remain relevant and contemporary for each new initiative.

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