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Google new Arts & Culture App

Discover artworks, artefacts and more from over a thousand museums & archives across 70 countries, all from your mobile device with Google’s new “Arts & Culture” app.

The platform is more than just a collection of artworks. With crisp, full bleed visuals and various other extraordinary capabilities, users can explore arts and culture as they would in reality. For instance, the apps Streetview function enables you to take 360 degree panoramic tours inside museums and view artworks in full scale, displayed exactly as they are in reality. Plus, with Google Cardboard support, this can all be experienced in virtual reality.

Cleverly designed features allow users to delve deep into the magnitude of collections and beyond. The ability to sort material based on colour or chronology, gather articles collected from over 1,000 partner museums worldwide and zoom in at brushstroke level detail, encourage rare explorations & discoveries.

Not only does its existence mean that art lovers can immerse themselves in hour long expeditions into humanity’s artistic past, without ever having to leave the house, but its “Art Recognizer” mode will make the everyday museum goer look like an enthusiast.

Google Arts & Culture is available to browse online, or download on iOS or Android for free.

Article By: Chris Gillespie, Creative Director at MONO

Twitter @chris_gillespie