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GRIDI – the world’s largest midi sequencer

In the form of a large scale digital music sequencer, GRIDI combines the aesthetics of Damien Hirst’s Spot Painting with the technology behind MIDI synthesiser software, to translate the process of electronic music composition into a form that is accessible and intuitive to all. 

The entire piece is controlled by an Apple Macbook Pro running Arduino software and Ableton live 9. By arranging transparent balls on button triggered divots, users can create musical compositions in real time. Each sound (drums, bass and melodies) is represented by a different colour LED embedded in the divots, which light up the ball placed on top. As the green LED cursor, moving in tempo from left to right across the installation, hits the ball, the corresponding sound is played.

The work was exhibited as part of the event “Contact Point,” held at the Israel Museum in August this year. Gerstein has plans to find a permanent location for GRIDI and is open to developing multiple replicas, so that people all over the world can experience it. 

GRIDI holds the potential to play a unique role in music education, as a tool for learning musical concepts in an engaging and intriguing way.

Article By: Chris Gillespie, Creative Director at MONO
Twitter @chris_gillespie