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Crystallized Skins

The concept is conceived in the tradition of plaster cast collections of the 18th and 19th century.  These sculptural reproductions were originally collected by European museums so that original artworks could be experienced in a physical, three-dimensional format.

In its elementary form, Crystallized Skins features 3d objects that have been reduced to their underlying mesh structure, frozen in a compelling posture and excluding any animation or texture to mimic these casts. In addition to this, each of these virtual sculptures have been translated into a film sequence and also posses the possibility of entering the physical world with the help of 3d-printing technologies.

This manipulation of digital technologies enables an extension upon the historic trajectory of physical libraries by providing an entirely new and ever evolving platform to experience an original idea.

All 3d models have been made available for download by the artists from

Article By: Chris Gillespie, Creative Director at MONO
Twitter @chris_gillespie