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OnHub Makers

Google has launched OnHub Makers, a creative platform that expresses individuality and artistry. OnHub displays 24 artists and designers that have created shells for the latest model of the TP-LINK OnHub router.

OnHub acts as a gateway for aspiring designers, artists and makers, as well as an elevated platform for award winning art studios to be exposed globally. The moving website gives an animated, humanistic feel to the router, a piece of technology that is ordinarily over looked. The various artists and designers are from all over the world from London to Seattle, to Kenya, they also have introduced some fascinating materials including fur, hand blown glass, tissue paper and spray paint.

The concept of the interface is to inspire everyday individuals to be designers and artists, with the help of Instagram, people can hashtag #OnHubMakers. Ben Brown, the lead designer for OnHub describes the project, “We hope this project encourages people to celebrate technology for its aesthetic in addition to its function. Exciting things happen when people design objects to be admired.”

A concept that breathes life into technology.  


Article By: Chris Gillespie, Creative Director at MONO
Twitter @chris_gillespie