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Possible, Plausible, Potential

The edgy drawings feature isometric architectural structures and spaces with particular emphasis on shapes, colours and textures. Nóbrega uses Processing, an open source software program that allows him to transform his exceedingly detailed instructions into a finished piece of work. The code of instructions is fed to a vinyl cutter machine, or CNC milling machine, dependent on the size of the code. The machine then draws Nóbrega concepts with coloured markers, a child-like tool that highlights the texture and lines of architecture.

Nóbrega explains his process as, “one defining the boundaries in which experiments will take place.” As the drawings are not architecturally scalable, however are inspiring interpretations of customary drawings. The extensive detail within Nóbrega’s work reveals a restraint and organised composition, as well as an abstract and vibrant image.

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Article By: Chris Gillespie, Creative Director at MONO
Twitter @chris_gillespie