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Morioka Shoten

Morioka Shoten is a minimalistic bookstore that recently opened in Tokyo Japan featuring one book each week, simplifying the ever-complicated book selection process. The bookstore steps away from the traditional dark, cluttered books, scattered timber ladders to a fresh, modern, white and open gallery-like space.

The owner Yoshiyuki Morioka, has worked within the industry for almost two decades and was inspired by ‘the single book’ concept first described by Japanese businessman Masamichi Toyama. Mr Morioka believed that, ‘a single book will offer deeper understanding, closer relationships with the reader and essential pleasure of book reading.’

The concept then evolved with the creative individuals at Takram Design Studio who integrated a multi-functional approach by creating distinctive assets for Morioka Shoten. They created a symbolic brand logoconsisting of rhombic shapes, template for scheduled events and a vision statement. “Morioka Shoten is a bookstore with a single book available at a time, for six days. Morioka Shoten is a bookstore with a single room with an event to gather every night. Morioka Shoten, a single room with a single book”.

Within today’s society the everyday individual is faced with more decisions to make, more information to process, it’s very refreshing and inspiring to see a traditional place like a bookstore designed to be a space of clarity and peace. The store creates a personalised experience for each author and artist by exhibiting their books with complementary artwork, jewellery and other relevant displays. Morioka Shoten has featured ceramic jewellery and objects by Mayumi Kogoma inspired by one of Kenji Miyazawa’s novels, as well as Japanese Chacoli bag designer.

The inspiring store is a collective space filled with love and appreciation of books and art. A refreshing take on the traditional bookstore.

Store Address:

Morioka Shoten
Susuzki Building 1F
1-28-15 Ginza,