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Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard is a collaboration between Google and Levi’s to create the next generation of interactive clothing. The initiative involves the development of weaving touch and gesture interactivity into textiles using tailored techniques. Paul Dillinger, Levi’s Head of Innovation explains, “The software developers are the creatives out there, we’re just helping Google build this opportunity into the garments.”

These interactive textiles involve conductive yarn that is made up of metallic alloy, cotton, polyester and silk. The conductive yarn is then connected to minuscule circuits and gesture-sensitive areas that be placed in specific spots of the garment. This complex infrastructure does not impact the look and feel of it, making tailoring easy for fashion designers to use. Dillinger describes the tier of smart clothing as a, “a tier of complexity and of useful value. There is a chance that clothing can do a lot more than just help carry our phones, and Jacquard integration can help enable the function.”

This collaboration of technology + fashion will transform the textile industry, allowing designers and artists to easily use interactive fabrics within their own projects.