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Here – Active Listening System

Here Active Listening System are the latest ‘hearables’ presented by start-up Doppler labs. ‘Here’ are wireless ear buds that allows for individuals to control their audio environment with an app. Co-founder Noah Krakft explains, “there’s a lot of noise out there, we feel that you should be able to personalise that experience and you should hear it the way you want to hear it.”  

Some of Here’s incredible features include the microphone where it diversifies the sound frequencies allowing individuals to target specific sounds, for example, in transit it’s possible to suppress the sound of a crying baby and amplify the sound of silence. There are also a set of effects that can transform the surrounding noises including flange, reverb, delay, bit crush and fuzz. 

The earphones will retail for $250 US. The price of the precursor to the bionic ear.