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Postdigital Artisans

Postdigital Artisan is an inspiring book that explores 3D digital with a focus on texture and tactility. Written by Johnathan Openshaw and graphic design by Cathelijin Kruunenber. 

The six chapters profile 60 contemporary artists and designers who hand craft objects whilst embracing the digital era. The book additionally feature essays from leading curators, philosophers and anthropologists on how digital screen impacts our experience of the physical world.

Openshaw shares, ‘The people that I’ve featured in the book are all resolutely committed to hand craft and artisanal skill, but are also interested in the changes being brought about by the digital era… They make things out of metal, clay, wood and stone, but also embrace the new creative opportunities being brought about by new technology. There’s nothing nostalgic in their work, but these artisans also preserve the importance of handcraft and hard-earned skills.’

Visit:, released on the 28th of April (UK).