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Rapha – Data Print

British luxury cycling apparel brand Rapha is the latest fashion brand to utilise data driven art in their apparel range.

The concept takes rider data recorded from cycling computers and power meters and generates different size chevrons using measurements extracted from the data streams. This includes TSS Scores (amount of effort a rider exerts), distance travelled , time on the bike, combined elevation and various other data types. The chevrons are then used in the creation of dynamic patterns.

Rapha collaborated with UK design firm Accept & Proceed on the project, calling on their experience in the creative technology space.

One piece in particular caught our attention and it’s an interactive installation that sit’s in the front window of the Rapha Cycle Club in London. As people pass by in the street the animation responds and flows around the viewer – all using visual elements created from the ride data.

The results are bold and angular which is quite a departure for Rapha from it’s classic minimal aesthetic for which it’s known.